3T Pharma JSC



3T Pharma JSC is one of Vietnam’s leading pharmacy companies offering the commnunity comprehensive medical solutions. The company has always attempted to research and develop new products of natural origin as well as complete their medical services, striving to become one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in Vietnam by 2020.
The company is built with three key words: Tin (Trust), Tam (Care) and Tinh (Love)
Trust: 3T Pharma always respects and demonstrates all commitments made not only to its partners and customers but to all employees.
Care: The company shows its concern to customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. All staff have tried their best to serve the customers and business partner. The company staff also cooperate with others in a caring manner.
Love: This is the basis for 3T to build up the company as a family where people would focus to work, following the company’s mission and vision.
As a company working in the humanitarian sector, 3T Pharma company hopes to join hands to support the commnunity. The company will keep accompanying with charity programs to bring the disadvantaged a happier and heathier life.