For years, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, in the collaboration with Facing the World Charity (UK) and R.I.C.E Project (USA) has successfully offered free reconstructive surgery for numerous disadvantaged children, bringing them the opportunity to enjoy a healthy normal life which is fulfilled with happiness.

Vietnam is one of the countries that are most affected by toxic chemicals during wars, especially Agent Orange. The occurrence of severe maxillofacial birth defects is by some estimates ten times higher in Vietnam than in neighboring countries. F2, F3, and even F4, F5 generations carry the problems caused by Agent Orange. At the same time, for numerous reasons, fetus could be badly affected, leading to serious deformities. The defects make their life difficult right from the very first moments and could impact their whole life. To help them change that fate, big international medical organizations, specializing in reconstructive surgery have paid much attention to Vietnamese children.

Goals, objects and form of operation

These programs aims at offering children life-changing surgery, together with reconstructive solutions to improve the condition and function of maxillofacial, oral or limb deformities, allowing them to integrate with the community and have a brighter future. Another goal of these program is to transfer skills and knowledge so that local doctors and specialists would be qualified to perform complex operations. This is a great chance for Vietnamese doctors to learn from the experience and expertise of international experts. After several missions working with American and British leading surgeons, Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s doctors have acquired a great deal of knowledge and enhance their capacity by taking part in complex surgeries.

Objectives of the program include children who have severe birth defects and live in poor families that could not afford to surgery.

Form of operation: Hong Ngoc General Hospital has cooperated with international organizations including Facing the World Charity and R.I.C.E to screen applications, examine, then derive plan of treatment and operate for cases which meet all necessary requirements. All patients are cared by Hong Ngoc staff to ensure the best health condition.

“Lifting up Dreams” is a charity program hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in collaboration with R.I.C.E project’s team of American surgeons. They have visited Vietnam several times a year to perform advanced complex surgical reconstructions for Vietnamese children and exchange skills, knowledge, and culture with local healthcare providers. The key partners of R.I.C.E project in Vietnam include: National Hospital of Pediatrics (NHP), Viet-Duc Hospital, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, and Thai Nguyen General Hospital.

Charity surgery program is implemented on the basis of the partnership between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and Facing the World. Facing the World Charity is a UK registered medical charity that treats children from developing countries, who have craniofacial defects. The charity brings together world-leading reconstructive surgeons that employ a program skills transfer to local doctors through training courses and real surgeries. Facing the World has also cooperated with some Vietnam-based big hospitals in Vietnam such as Viet-Duc Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital and Danang Hospital.

Process: Before each mission of the international experts, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will widely inform all patients across the country about procedure and application. Families would follow our websites and other media channels to know about it. To register, a set of document consisting of portrait pictures, medical record, medical history and other necessary documents should be completed and sent to Hong Ngoc General Hospital. All applications then will be screened, only suitable ones will be called for examination. During the mission, these cases will be directly examined by leading maxillofacial and oral experts. The most suitable cases will be selected to receive free surgery and post-operation care at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. For the poor families, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will also offer hospitalization fees.


Lifting up Dreams Program – R.I.C.E

Started in 2013, “Lifting up Dreams” program has been implemented 5 times. Hong Ngoc General Hospital and R.I.C.E team of American surgeons have successfully operated for 128 disfigured children.

Charity surgery program by Facing the World

First time hosted in 2016, until now Hong Ngoc General Hospital has accompanied with team of experts from Facing the World Charity to perform 23 successful surgeries for serious cases.

Future plan and direction

Hong Ngoc General Hospital will keep attempting in this group of charity programs. The achievements in recent years have been a source of motivation for the hospital, partners and sponsors to continue our challenging journey of helping children with birth defects.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital will maintain and promote these programs so that more and more Vietnamese children would have more chances to change their life.

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