Actively taking part in community activities is one of the ways in which Hong Ngoc General Hospital demonstrates our social responsibility. With this groups of activities, we would like lift the sports spirit for a healthier Vietnam as well as share love and spread meaningful messages, building a civilized society.

Goals, objects and form of operation

As one of the leaders in charity programs and community activities, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has attempted to reach the goal of sharing love and supporting the disadvantaged by various practical actions. Together with the goals of helping people and promoting solidarity, we would like to raise people’s awareness of personal health care and sports habit, contributing to make our community stronger and healthier.

With the role of exclusive medical sponsor for large-scale marathons and sports activities, Hong Ngoc General Hospital always prepare qualified medical stations with necessary medications and materials to support athletes. Our team of doctors and nurses with ambulances ensure to timely deal with emergency cases. Moreover, the hospital contributes to raise fund for the events, joining hands with the organization boards to support the disabled, help the disadvantaged, implement environment protection activities, and more.

Better still, Hong Ngoc General Hospital also calls and support staff to take part in charity marathons to lift up the sports spirit and spread the events’ humanitarian messages.

Apart from the sports activities, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has fulfilled our social responsibility by organizing medical charity trips, gift-giving activities to the poor and the disadvantaged, and emergency reliefs to areas that are damaged by natural disasters.

With all of these activities, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has proven that the hospital is not only one of the leaders in health care services but a leading enterprise in community activities, providing practical contributions to society.

Highlighted Activities

Hanoi Run for Children

Hanoi Run for Children is an annual and significant event hosted in Hanoi. The event not only raises fund for poor children with cancer and heart disease but shows the friendship between Vietnam and Canada, especially in health care sector. Hong Ngoc General Hospital is proud to be the event’s medical sponsor since 2013.

Hanoi Half Marathon – Run for wild animals

Hanoi Half Marathon (Previously known as the Song Hong Half Marathon) is a non-profit marathon hosted on the second Sunday of December each year to raise people’s awareness of protecting wild animals. With various options including the main race (21km), plus 10km, 5km, 3km (for family), and 1km (for kids) races, Hanoi Half Marathon attracts thousands of runners at all age each year. Hong Ngoc has been medical sponsor to the event for years.

Run 2GETHER – Run with visually impaired and sighted people

Run 2GETHER is a running event aiming at connecting and helping the visually impaired integrate to the community. The event is hosted by Vietnam And Friends (VAF). In this running event, all runners hold hands each other to run with the visually impaired. In addition to the role of medical sponsor, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has offered visually impaired people hundreds of individual health check-up vouchers with a total value up to hundreds of million dong.

Long Bien Marathon

Annually hosted by SVCLB Run, Long Bien Marathon aims at connecting community and developing an awareness for running. The race is also missioned to raise fund for social development.

This is one of the only few running events in Vietnam to have Olympic-standard 42,195 km race. To accompany with Long Bien Marathon, Hong Ngoc General Hospital staff not only partake in as medical specialists but also runners conquering the race.

Hanoi Vertical Run – Run for the disabled

Hanoi Vertical Run, hosted by East Meets West (EMW) in collaboration with Sporting Republic Company, is a program that encourage the disabled to integrate with the society. Although stair-climbing races have been much popular in Vietnam, the event has attract numerous runners. As the event’s medical sponsor, Hong Ngoc General Hospital ensures the safety of all runners and offers high-ranking ones with valued gifts. We also contribute to the fund which Hanoi Vertical Run is raising.

Happy Tet to the poor

Hoping that all people would enjoy a warm happy Tet, the most important holiday of Vietnamese, each year Hong Ngoc General Hospital often visits and presents gifts to the poor families living in Hanoi and other provinces. Thousands of gift sets with a total value of hundreds of million VND have been given to the poor, the old, and the disabled, bringing them a warmer Tet. Their happiness is also our source of motivation to continue our activities.

Other community activities

An indispensable part of Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s contribution to community is our medical outreaches in remote areas, gift-giving activities for families of war invalids, martyrs and families who greatly contributed to the country. Emergency reliefs to support people in areas damaged by disasters are also timely implemented.

Organizing and joining community activities for charity purposes reflect our mission and dedication to share love and support people. We are always willing to join hands with individuals and organizations for community development and advancement. These meaningful activities also affirm the sustainable humanitarian values that Hong Ngoc General Hospital is pursuing.

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