Facing the World Charity



Facing the World is a UK registered medical charity that treats children from developing countries, who have craniofacial defects. The charity brings together world-leading reconstructive surgeons that employ a program skills transfer to local doctors. Until now, Facing the World has treated for thousands of children from 20 countries in the world. In Vietnam, Facing the World in collaboration with renowned hospitals such as Viet-Duc Hospital and Hong Ngoc General Hospital to offer life-changing surgery for hundreds of children, bringing them a brighter future. In addition, the charity’s training courses in Hanoi and Da Nang allow local doctors to acquire valuable knowledge and experience, helping them to master advanced methods which are required for complex cases.

There are one to two missions of Facing the World each year at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Applications of disfigured children from all provinces of the country is collected and carefully scanned in advance. During the mission, Facing the World team and Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha from Hong Ngoc Hospital will examine each case. Patients with suitable health conditions will be treated, followed and re-examined at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.