“Healing up Hands” is a series of medical outreaches and gift giving events hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital several times a year to provide ethnic minorities and people living in remote areas with necessary health care services.

Health care services is indispensable part to fulfill our lives. However, in remote areas and poor communities, people cannot access to basic medical services. Understanding this fact, Hong Ngoc General Hospital as well as other charities always would like to help these disadvantaged people to receive basic examination and medications right in the place where they live.

Goals, objects and form of operation

“Healing up Hands” programs are organized by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in the cooperation with partners and sponsors including pharmacy companies, health care corporations, and philanthropists as well.

The program’s objects include ethnic minorities, people living in remote areas, poor patients, patients living in social protection centers and other disadvantaged people.

“Healing up Hands” aims at provide the community with better health care services and medical conditions. During the trips, the hospital has visited remote areas and poor communities, offering locals examinations and medications. People could be examined in various departments such as Internal medicine, pediatric internal medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, and Imaging Diagnosis.

In addition, with these medical outreaches, “Healing up Hands” allows Hong Ngoc General Hospitals’ team of doctors and nurses to share knowledge, experiences and transfer skills to local doctors, helping them actively deal with medical problems occurring in their working area.


The first “Healing up Hands” was organized by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in 2013. After 5 years of operation, the program has gained modest yet significant following achievements:

2013: Healing up Hands was hosted in An Phu Commune, My Duc, Hanoi, offering examination and medications for 250 poor people.

2014: the program allowed about 500 poor people in Minh Duc and Thuong Lan communes, Viet Yen, Bac Giang to be examined and provided with necessary medications. 40 sets of gifts were given to disadvantaged students. In addition, Hong Ngoc General Hospital with the support of nationwide philanthropists rebuilt Quang Tung kindergarten which was badly damaged after the storm No.10 of that year.

January 2015: 300 people in Thanh Hung Commune, Thanh Oai, Hanoi were examined under the community medical program of Hanoi Department of Health.

December 2015: Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s team of doctors and nurses examined and gave medicine for 500 people in Sang Moc Commune, Vo Nhai, Thai Nguyen.

November 2016: Hong Ngoc General Hospital in cooperation with Kyungpook National University Hospital and Dowoo Tourism Co. Ltd (South Korea) examined and offered medications for 1500 people in Suoi Giang Commune, Van Chan Dist., Yen Bai Province. In addition, 700 sets of gifts for students and 500 sets of “Warm clothes for winter” gifts were given to locals. The mission built and gave a charity house to Ms. Mua Thi My – a poor old woman living alone in the commune.

January 2017, as assigned by Hanoi Department of Health, Hong Ngoc General Hospital continued “Healing up Hands” series in Mai Lap Commune, Cho Moi, Bac Kan, examining and giving medicine for 1000 visits as well as giving 700 sets of gifts to locals.

October 2017, “Healing up Hands” program was held in Tam Son, Cam Khe, Phu Tho. Hong Ngoc General Hospital gave a bookshelf with 200 books to Tam Son Primary School and 40 sets of gifts to disadvantaged students of the school. Moreover, with their enthusiasm, Hong Ngoc team of doctors and nurses examined 1077 people with total 3217 visits.

For 5 years, thousands of people across the country have been offered free examination and medications by Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Hundreds of gift sets have been given to the disadvantaged, sharing with them difficulties. Bringing happiness to Vietnamese people is the source of motivation for the hospital teams to go further, reach more people in different areas and allow them to access better medical care.

Plans and directions

Apart from continuously enhancing the quality of health care services, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has been attempting to join hands with the community to support the disadvantaged.

To continue the success 5-year journey of Healing up Hands program across the country. The hospital will strengthen its charity activities, seek out more areas that need supporting, and bring more happiness to people’s lives. The love and sharing among people will motivate our team to go further and more frequently.

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