Hong Ngoc Hospital gave 500 gift sets to the disadvantaged people for Lunar New Year 2016



From 25th January to 30th January, 2016, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has organized several events to give charity gifts to disabled children, poor families and lonely old people in Ba Dinh District, with the hope of giving them a warmer and happier Tet holiday.

The Lunar New Year (the year of dog) 2016 is coming to town. To make a better Tet holiday for the disadvantaged, representatives of Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s director board have visited and given gifts to disabled children studying in Hy Vong Secondary School, HIV-infected children with difficult circumstances in Sai Dong ward, lonely old people in Gia Thuy District, the poor in Kim Ma and Truc Bach Districts as well as the poor disabled and Agent Orange victims at The Red Cross in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

48 sets of gifts were given to disabled children with difficult living situations at Hy Vong Secondary School.

For each visit, Ms. Hoang Tan Cuong (Deputy Director of Hong Ngoc General Director), on behalf of the hospital, thoughtfully visited, shared and gave small but meaningful gifts to families, the old and the disadvantaged children.

Gifts were given to HIV-infected children in Sai Dong District, Hanoi

50 gift sets to the elderly in Gia Thuy District

“For years, charity activities have been hosted annually by Hong Ngoc General Hospital when the new year is coming. With the mission of providing health care services to the community and bringing benefits to the society, Hong Ngoc General Hospital always supports and accompanies with meaningful charity programs and activities. We hope that our small contribution would help the poor to have a warmer Tet holiday. Hong Ngoc General Hospital would like to organize more charity events, reaching more people in the new year.”, shared Ms. Hoang Tan Cuong.

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