Hong Ngoc Hospital successfully performed operations for 26 disfigured children



In two weeks from 2nd to 14th March 2015, the team of American plastic and reconstructive surgeons in cooperation with Hong Ngoc General Hospital have offered free surgery for 26 cases of disadvantaged children with complex deformity, successfully ending the first phase of Lifting up Dreams 2015.

American specialist examining for a children with jaw-deformity

American specialist examining for a children with jaw deformity

After the initial screening and examination of 43 patients, 26 complex cases are selected for operations which are performed by American specialists and doctors of Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Most of the cases are children who have ear, limbs and jaw defects. These are common types of malformations in children in Vietnam but their family’s financial difficulties do not allow the children to receive orthopedic surgery. It’s why numerous poor people are living with deformity for the whole life.

Prof. Rosen examining and giving consultation to a case of ear defect.

Prof. Rosen examining and giving consultation to a case of ear defect

A child with hand deformity

With the hope of bringing a new life to the disadvantaged children with deformity, for 10 years, Prof. Joseph Mark Rosen has brought the team of American leading specialists to Vietnam to offer life-changing surgery for poor people here. In the Lifting up Dreams program this time, the team of American experts consists of 17 doctors and nurses led by Prof. Rosen. The team and Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha from Hong Ngoc General Hospital have examined and performed surgery for 26 cases of complex malformations (such as ectrodactyly, polydactyly, clubhand, clubfoot, cleft lip, nose deformity, and anotia).

Prof. Rosen and his associates performing surgery at Hong Ngoc General Hospital

Having directly operated for thousands of cases, Prof. Rosen has gained an array of achievements in the field of reconstructive surgery and microsurgery. With the RICE project in Vietnam, especially Lifting up Dreams program, Prof. Rosen has help many children to get more complete body, giving them confidence to integrate to the community. Thanks to the project’s fund, all operations are offered to the children for free, opening an opportunity for the poor to change their life.

To realize the hope of bringing smiles to the face of Vietnamese disfigured children, Prof. Rosen puts his trust in Hong Ngoc General Hospital, selecting the hospital as a partner in Vietnam. The hospital’s modern equipment and facility as well as the team of skillful specialists have greatly contributed to the success of operations. During the treatment, all patients are served with the best care so that they can quickly recover.

Lifting up Dreams 2015 has successfully taken place.

In the coming time, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will continue organizing charity programs to offer life-changing surgery to Vietnamese disfigured children, lifting their dream of a better future. To register to the next Lifting up Dreams program, please fill in your information here.

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