Hong Ngoc Hospital team and British doctors operated for disfigured poor children



In 4 days from 10 to 14 April, 2016, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has associated with Facing The World (FTW) charity to surgery for eight poor children with severe deformities.

The mission started in morning 10/4/2016 at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. In this opening ceremony, Hong Ngoc General Hospital and Facing the World Charity signed an MOU concerning the fellowship training in plastic and reconstructive surgery for the hospital’s doctors. The hospital was also honored to receive the charity’s certification for sponsorship and support to the journey of bringing smiles on the faces of children around the world.

 “I believe the corporation between FTW and Hong Ngoc will make the changes of children lives in Vietnam who are in need of reconstructive surgery. We know that we have our limits, we can’t do all reconstructive in Vietnam. Despite the fact that, we have a plan to training Vietnam doctors, this MOU is our first step” says Dr. Niall Kirkpatrick, FTW’s director. The MOU and training program would be a great chance for Hong Ngoc’s doctors to enhance their capacity, reaching closer to the international professional level.

Right after the opening ceremony, all applicants were examined by the team of British experts and Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha (Hong Ngoc General Hospital). Each case was carefully checked and consulted. CT scan was required in some complex cases. Most of patients have several deformities, mainly in craniofacial and eye area. These defects make their faces deformed, leading to numerous difficulties in life.

After consultations and analysis, eight children with severe facial disfigurement were selected for surgery. All the physicians and doctors have contributed a huge effort to bring the patients back to normal life, hoping for a brighter coming future.

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