Hong Ngoc Hospital’s medical sponsorship for the Vietnam Mountain Marathon



From the 20th to 22nd of September, the 2019 Vietnam Mountain Marathon successfully took place in Sapa city (Lao Cai) with the direct medical sponsorship from Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

This is the largest terrain run in Vietnam (VMM) in 2019 organized by Lao Cai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in cooperation with Topas Travel Company and sponsored by the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam. This marathon is held annually and receives great attentions from numerous athletes.

The athletes started running at night

This year marathon attracted more than 4,000 athletes from 46 different countries. The 7th marathon took place in Sapa city, through the highest mountains and the challenging hill roads. In addition, it was the harvesting time so the participants, during the marathon, could enjoy the minimal but majestic beauty of the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam.

This year, the athletes competed in the distances: 10km, 15km, 21km, 42km, 70km and 100km on the racetracks of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range –which was considered to be the most difficult and harsh track of Vietnam. At the distance of 100km, the athletes will have to run on complex terrain at the height of 2,281m.

Hong Ngoc Hospital accompanied the participants on the road

Another highlight of the run was the attendance of athlete Francesca Canepa from Italy, who has won “World Championship” of the 2018 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc marathon. Apart from that, the event also had the reigning champion 100km of the VMM 2018 runner Nguyen Tien Hung.

Accompanying the marathon, Hong Ngoc General Hospital was proud to be the main medical sponsor. The team of doctors of Hong Ngoc always accompanied the athletes to promptly support them in times of injury or exhaustion, contributing to the successful run and ensure the safety of participants. This time, Hong Ngoc mobilized 6 doctors, 13 nurses, 3 car assist staffs, 2 ambulances and many other support staffs, setting up 15 medical points at all distances.

Medical staff supporting an injured athlete

Hong Ngoc staff supporting athletes during their break

Hong Ngoc is present wherever and whenever an athlete needs assistance

On the difficult trails, Hong Ngoc sent support teams to the top of 1,400m, 1,800m, 2,281m and many other points along the run. Despite difficulties and challenges, all of Hong Ngoc’s medical staffs worked non-stop for 30 hours to timely support in case of emergency.

This year running track was harder than ever due to the complex terrain, so the transportation of Hong Ngoc medical team was quite hard. Medical supplies were mostly brought to the points on foot, doctors had to go after athletes when emergencies occurred.

In the marathon, there were 5 cases that needed to be transferred to hospital, 1 case of a broken ankle at the height of 2,281m. It took the doctors quite a long time to pick up patients. There were cases that took 7 hours (from 9am to 4pm) to reach the injured athletes’ position and the doctors had to move them with the stretcher.

In spite of the hardship, the medical team of Hong Ngoc always highly focused and was always on duty from dawn till late night to timely support athletes when encountering health problems. As a result, the marathon took place more smoothly.

Despite the pain and hardship, contentment was still showed on the face of every athlete.

The 2019 Vietnam Mountain Marathon came to an end with various emotions. From nervousness, excitement to the pure joy of winning or even the pain but the athletes couldn’t hide their satisfactory smile when given the chance to participate in such a meaningful event. These will become unforgettable memories not only for the runners but also all of the Hong Ngoc’s staffs. They have successfully completed their job as a medical sponsor, accompanying the organizers to hold a safe and successful running.

At the closing ceremony of the event, the representative of the Organizing Committee presented the donations from the athletes to the charity activities of Operation Smile, Newborns Vietnam, supporting the poverty reduction program in Sapa (Lao Cai). This was such a humane activity and needed to be done more often in the community.

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