Lifting up dreams 2014 offered free-surgery for disadvantaged children



With the support of American specialists, in March 2014, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has successfully hosted Lifting up Dreams 2014, performing reconstructive surgery for disfigured children living in difficult situations.

The program is led by Dr. Joseph Mark Rosen – the leading expert in reconstructive surgery field with more than 30 years of experience working and lecturing at Dartmouth University. The successful surgeries have brought the young patients happiness and new opportunity to integrate in the community.

The Lifting up Dreams 2014 offers 12 surgeries for children with ear and jaw deformities. This program gives them a new appearance for a happier and healthier life.

Below are some disadvantaged children who receive free surgery in Lifting up Dreams 2014 at Hong Ngoc General Hospital.

N.T.M (6 years old, Dan Phuong, Hanoi) was born with deflected lower jaw bone. This is a rare and difficult case to operate in particular and treatment in general. It’s a great luck to her that Mr. Robert Mernard agrees to conduct an orthognathic surgery, correcting her lower jaw bone. After the surgery and one month of treatment, she has recovered well. Her health status is good. Better still, thanks to the surgery, she can close her month, living a normal life like other children.



N.H.Đ (10 years old, Quoc Oai, Hanoi) was born with no ear so he can hardly hear anything. He was undergone an operation to form his left ear at Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, this time he comes to Hong Ngoc Hospital to get the other ear formed. His mother shares that due to his deformity, other children often laugh at him, calling him “the earless boy”. The family have tried their best to encourage him, making him less self-deprecating. As he didn’t have ear hole, it’s difficult for him to listen, unless others speak much louder.  Despite that problem, Đ have tried hard in studying and been continuously recognized as a distinct student at Sai Son Primary School. When we talk to him, he has to pay much attention to our voice, slightly tilting his head to hear. “I will study better so that I would be a doctor in the future!” His surgery is conducted by Dr. Joseph Mark Rosen – the American leading surgeon and a team of Vietnamese doctors. After the surgery when he has recovered well, he writes a letter expressing his gratitude to the doctors. They are really touched by the words of this little boy.


N.B.M (7 years, Cat Ba, Hai Phong) was born without right auricle. This defect decreases her hearing ability from the right side. Thanks to the experience and capacity of American specialists and Vietnamese doctors, the reconstructive surgery to form her auricle is successfully performed.



T.T.N (12 years old) has congenital lymphangioma which distorted her face. This is one of the toughest cases in Lifting up Dreams 2014. The little girl underwent one surgery before coming to the program. After the surgery, her face gets more elegant, her deflected nose is also improved.



There are more cases enjoying the great benefit from Lifting up Dreams 2014.

To continue our mission, from now on we are inviting families across Vietnam to send applications to Hong Ngoc General Hospital for Lifting up Dreams 2015 which will take place in March 2015.

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