Lifting up Dreams 2016 with 39 successful operations



In two weeks from 5 March to 19 March 2016, the American experts of RICE project has collaborated with Hong Ngoc General Hospital to successfully operate for 39 cases of complex deformities. The total number of applications to Lifting up Dreams 2016 is more than 100. 73 cases were selected for screening and initial examinations.

With the hope of bringing smile on the faces of disadvantaged people, making them more confident in life, Dr. Joseph Mark Rosen has invited American leading surgeons and specialists to Vietnam to perform free surgery for locals. In this mission of Lifting up Dreams 2016, Dr. Rosen leads the team, including Dr. Gedge David Rosson – Director of Johns Hopkins Center and Dr. Gary L. Freed to Vietnam. All of them are leaders in craniofacial, wrist surgery, neural circuits regeneration, peripheral neuropathy, reconstructive and plastic surgery.

From Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha, who was former Head of Craniofacial reconstructive surgery department – Vietnam National Pediatrics Hospital and has years of experience studying and working in France and Taiwan, participates in examination and operation. American experts, in collaboration with Hong Ngoc team has examined and performed surgeries for 39 cases of complex deformities related to limbs, ears, lips and nose.

Dr. Rosen examined and consulted with patients

Applications of this mission mainly include children with defects in ears, limbs, and craniofacial ones. These deformities are popular in Vietnam; however, plastic surgery seems to out of reach for poor families. This is also the reason why the poor patients often have to live it deformities for their whole life. This fact has urged numerous to find the way to support them.

A patient with hand deformity was examined before surgery

Dr. Rosen and associates during a surgery

At Hong Ngoc General Hospital, with modern facilities, all patients are taken care of to ensure quick recover and best health situation after surgery. 100% of surgery costs are covered by the hospital and RICE Project, the patients only need to pay for a part of hospitalization and other additional fees.

Lifting up Dreams 2016 took place in 3 months with great results

The Lifting up Dreams 2016 hosted in 3 months by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in cooperating with the team of American specialists have come to an end, giving special opportunities to poor children with deformities. The program shows the hospital’s responsibility to the community, especially the new generation of the country.

To continue the mission of offering life-changing surgery to the disadvantaged children, in the next April, Hong Ngoc General Hospital in collaboration with a team of British surgeons to examine and operate for young patients with complex defects. Right from now on, patients with craniofacial deformities are invited to send applications to the hospital for screening and clinical examination.

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