Lifting up Dreams 2018 with 29 successful cases of surgery



The “Lifting up Dreams 2018’ has been successfully held by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in cooperation with US doctors from 3 to 17 March, 2018. 29 patients were offered free surgery, helping them overcome the “darkness” of self-deprecation to welcome a bright future.

In the Lifting up Dreams 2018, the team of American doctors was led by expert Joseph M. Rosen – lecturer of Geisel Medical University, Dartmouth. With nearly 40 years of experience in the field, Dr. Rosen is known as “the gold hands” in hand surgery, head and neck reconstruction, and peripheral neuropathy. During the program, Dr. Rosen was supported by two other leading doctors: Dr. Alexander Spiess of Wayne University, Detroit, MI, specializing in complex surgery of wrists, elbows, fractures, ligaments, tendons and traumas and Dr. Mitch A. Stotland – the famous specialist in forensic facial reconstruction including ear and jaw reconstruction.

Leading the Hong Ngoc General Hospital team was Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha who was former deputy head of Craniofacial Department at Hanoi National Hospital of Pediatrics and have studied and worked at Craniofacial Center of Changgung Menorial Hospital (Taiwan) and Paris VI Medical University (France). Dr. Nha has cooperated with various teams of foreign doctors for charity examination and reconstructive surgery in Vietnam.

Right after the Opening ceremony on 3 March, 2018, Dr. Nguyet Nha and American doctors examined 60 applications of reconstructive surgery. All registered cases were patients with congenital deformities of ear, head, face, hand, or leg. After the examination, 29 cases with proper health were selected for surgery.

Now, 29 patients are at a good status of health and have received attentive care at Hong Ngoc General Hospital. Some of them are able to discharge from the hospital.

Below are some meaningful photos captured during the Lifting up Dreams 2018 held by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in cooperation with leading American doctors.


Nurses arranged registered applications for examination.

US doctor was examining for a patient with ear deformity

Dr. Rosen was examining for a kid with had deformity.

The doctors discussed a complex case of jaw deformity

Craniofacial scan was applied for complicated cases.

The doctors are operating for one case.

Doctors visited patients after surgery.

Dr. Nguyet Nha visited and re-examine for children after surgery.

The Lifting up Dreams 2018 continues bringing children a new future

The Lifting up Dreams is an annual program operated by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in the collaboration with international charity organizations to offer free surgery for poor children suffered from deformities.