Medical workshops on orthognathic surgery hosted by Facing the World and Hong Ngoc Hospital



From 16 October to 18 October 2018, Hong Ngoc General Hospital in collaboration with experts of Facing the World has organized 3 medical in-depth workshops on orthognathic surgery.

In 2016 and 2017, Hong Ngoc General Hospital and Facing the World offered charity surgery for 20 children who have serious maxillofacial and oral birth defects and live in poor family having no chance to afford the surgery costs.

This year, in addition to the charity surgery program, the British experts delivered their presentations in 3 in-depth training workshops, sharing with Vietnamese doctors issues related to orthognathic surgery. Accordingly, on 16 October, the topic of Orthodontic planning/ preparation in Orthognathic surgery was presented by Dr. Lucy Davenport. In the two following days, the other workshops namely Surgical Planning in Orthognathic Surgery and Surgically assisted palatal expansion were led by Dr. Mehmet Manisali (17 October) and Dr. Jahrad Haq (18 October).

The workshops attracted more than 200 doctors and specialists from numerous prestigious hospitals such as Viet-Duc hospital, Military Central Hospital 108, Vietnam National ENT Hospital, Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics, Bach Mai Hospital, and more.

After each workshop, there was a section for participants to discuss directly with the speakers from Facing the World charity. An array of questions were given such as “3 days after palatal expansion, how should we deal with the problem of too deflective palate?”, “how to make the upper and lower jaw balance?”, “is there any effect to nasal area after orthognathic surgery”, so on.

The presentations delivered by Facing the World’s experts aim at sharing knowledge and experience to local doctors, thereby transferring advanced techniques and skills to them. They hope that there will be more and more specialists who are qualified in maxillofacial treatment in Vietnam.

At the end of each workshop, all the doctors from leading Vietnam-based hospitals and other participants received certificate for their contribution to workshops.

The success of these events marked a significant milestone in Facing the World’s mission of skill transfer and training Vietnamese doctors so that they would actively provide treatment for disadvantaged children with maxillofacial deformities, bringing them a normal live like other children.

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