More than 500 people in Bac Giang received free examination and medications



As a program in the series of charity activities for poor patients, on two days from 22nd to 23rd December 2014, Healing up hands 2014 has been hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in cooperation with medical sponsors in Thuong Lan and Minh Duc Communes, Bac Giang Province. The program offered free health check-ups and medications for more than 500 locals there.

With the humanitarian spirit of people working in health care section and the love to the poor, Hong Ngoc General Hospital always saves a budget for charity works. Among them, Healing up Hands series have receive great attention and support from philanthropists and sponsoring institutions.

Local people waiting for health check-up

This year, with the message of bringing a warmer Tet and healthier new year to the poor, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has cooperated with an array of sponsors including MERCK,  SANOFI, IPSEN, Dat Viet, and Ha Gia company to held Healing up Hands 2014 program in Bac Giang Province. On the two days, 500 locals were received free examination and medications. 40 gift sets to encourage student also were given to the poor students with good performance in Thuong Lan and Minh Duc Communes.

40 students receiving gift sets from Hong Ngoc General Hospital

It is only more than 50km from Ha Noi to Viet Yen, Bac Giang, but the team of Healing up Hands 2014 started their trip in the early morning, with the hope that they could help more time to examine for the poor. When the team arrived, people had gathered together, waiting for their turn to receive examination and medication. Most of them are from poor families in Minh Duc and Thuong Lan communes. They earn their living mainly by farming. Frequently assessing to health care is impossible to them.

The examination includes ENT, eye, and internal checkup

To provide the best care to people, Healing up Hands 2014 brought together experienced and skillful doctors and nurses working with their heart to care their patients. Not only is a charity program, Healing up Hands 2014 would like to raise people’s awareness of personal care to have a better life. The program is also a chance for Hong Ngoc General Hospital call for medical sponsors to accompany with us in meaningful community activities.

Healing up Hands is series of charity medical trips hosted annually by Hong Ngoc General Hospital with the sponsorship of pharmacy companies, health care corporations and philanthropists. The program’s main activities include charity health checkup and gift giving to poor people living in remote and mountainous areas where locals have difficulties in health care in particular and in life in general. Started in 2013, up to know, the program has opened opportunities for health check-up to thousands of people across the country.

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