Opening ceremony of charity surgery cooperation program between Hong Ngoc Hospital and FTW Organization



In the morning of October 21st, the opening ceremony of the charity surgery cooperation program between Hong Ngoc General Hospital and a team of British experts from Facing The World (FTW) took place in the grand hall of the hospital. This is an annual charity work carried out with the purpose of changing the appearance for children with facial deformities, bringing them a normal and beautiful life.

Attending the ceremony, from Hong Ngoc Hospital, was Dr. Cao Doc Lap – Director of the hospital and leading doctors from Aesthetics and Orthopedic Department: Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Nha with more than 40 years of experience in reconstructive surgery; Dr. Bui Tuan Anh. These were the doctors who directly participated in surgery with the FTW team from their last visits.

From FTW organization, leading the team of experts is Mrs. Norma Timoney – president of Facing The World. There is also Dr. Mehmet Manisali – Head of Maxillofacial Surgery, South West London Hospital. Along with that are doctors and top specialists in eye and maxillofacial surgery from FTW.

Delivering his speech at the ceremony, Dr. Cao Doc Lap sent his thanks and regards to FTW organization for their cooperation with big hospitals in Vietnam to perform deformity correction surgeries for disadvantaged children. At the same time, he also expresses his pride in Hong Ngoc Hospital’s companion with FTW to examine for nearly 500 applications and operate on more than 100 cases of deformities. This is our pride and also the motivation for us to strengthen our cooperation, helping to bring wonderful things to children with deformities.

Dr. Cao Doc Lap delivers his speech at the opening ceremony

Representative of FTW – Mr. Mehmet Manisali – delivered such a sincere speech: “This is my 3rd time in Vietnam, first was in 2017. This time we come here not just for work but also for reunion with our friends here in Hong Ngoc. I’d like to say thank you to all of the doctors and nurses of Hong Ngoc, who have worked very hard to make this program successful”.

He added: “We hope Vietnamese doctors can work and study in the professional environment in Britain. This is also an opportunity for us to learn so much more useful things from you”.

phau thuat di tat tu thien

Mr. Mehmet Manisali – representative of FTW organization – delivered his speech

After the opening ceremony, the British expert team, along with doctors from Aesthetic and Orthopedic Department of Hong Ngoc, carried out examination and screening for more than 30 applications of birth defects, jaw and neck injuries to pick out patients eligible for surgery. For cases with severe defects, their CT scan of the face skull was taken to detect more precisely the injuries, as well as their eligibility for operation. Some applications who are not eligible will be kept for the next cooperation program.

Especially, for families with financial problems, Hong Ngoc Hospital offers to pay for the cost of hospitalization for treatment, helping families reduce economic burden, bringing them peace of mind.
Here are the meaningful photos of the examination:

Apart from free examination and surgery, the experts of FTW, in this visit, will also host 3 expertise workshops on October 22nd, 23rd and 24th in order to bring in-depth knowledge to Vietnamese doctors, helping them elevate their skills so they can directly operate on complex deformity surgeries.

phau thuat di tat tu thien

Hong Ngoc’s doctors and experts of FTW took a memo photo with patients.

The cooperation started in 2016, after 6 times, Hong Ngoc Hospital and Facing The World organization has operated for more than 100 cases of maxillofacial deformities, helping to change their appearance to have a normal and beautiful life. This 7th cooperation program will strengthen the solid relationship of both sides, reducing difficult deformity cases in Vietnam.

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