Key Partners

Founded by Dr. Joseph Rosen, a US leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon, R.I.CE project has coorperated with renowned hospitals in Vietnam such as National Hospital of Pediatrics (NHP), Viet-Duc Hospital, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, and Thai Nguyen Hospital to offer head and neck craniofacial surgery for Vietnamese children and exchange skills with local doctors.

Facing the World is a UK registered medical charity that treats children from developing countries, who have craniofacial defects. The charity brings together world-leading reconstructive surgeons that employ a program skills transfer to local doctors. Until now, Facing the World has treated for thousands of children from 20 countries in the world.


Established in 1929 by Dr. Henri Beaufour, IPSEN Corporation is one of the five leading pharmatical corportaion in France with representative offices in more than 115 countries in the world. Not only success in branding, Ipsen Pharma also actively partakes in charity and community activities.

The world-leading heath care corporation Sanofi has been one of the most prime partners of Hong Ngoc General Hospital, providing medicine for the charity programs to help poor people and ethnic minorities living in remoted and mountainous areas.

Following the motto “Dat Viet Pharma for the health of Vietnamese”, Dat Viet Pharma Company is providing customers with pharmaceutical products of natural origin which are both safe and effective as well as providing medicine for poor patients in charity trips and programs.

As a company working in the humanitarian sector, 3T Pharma company not only develops the company with its motto of trust, care and love but accompanies with charity programs to bring the disadvantaged a happier and heathier life.