Press Release: Healing up Hands 2018 in Son Duong (Tuyen Quang)



Hanoi, 22 October 2018

To spread out the spirit of love and sharing among people as well as support the disadvantaged living in areas that lack of infrastructure and medical facilities, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has organized “Healings up Hands” program several times a year. From 10 November to 11 November, Hong Ngoc General Hospital will hold the Healing up Hands program in Minh Thanh Commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province.

The program consists of two main activities:

– Health check-up, focusing on Internal medicine, Pediatrics, ENT endoscopic, Ophthalmology, and 2D ultrasound performed by Hong Ngoc General Hospital’s team of doctors and nurses. Medication offered if necessary.

– Giving 20 gift sets to poor students who have distinct performance.

We do hope to receive the support from the local authority in seeking, identifying and introducing people who deserve to get these gifts as well as in organizing the activities. At the same time, we appreciate the support of media channels for helping us spreading out the information of this meaningful medical trip and the program’s spirit.

As one of the most striking charity programs hosted by Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Healing up Dreams is a series of medical outreach and gift-giving activity organized by the hospital in collaboration with pharmacy companies, health care corporations, other partners and individual philanthropists.

The first “Healing up Hands” was organized by Hong Ngoc General Hospital in 2013. After 5 years of operation, the program has gained modest yet significant following achievements: offering health check-up and medications for thousands of people living across the country, giving hundreds of gift sets to poor students with encouraging performance, giving bookcases and hundreds of books to schools, building and offering charity house to dozens of disadvantaged families, all together bringing Vietnamese fellows happiness in life.

The series contributes to prove that Hong Ngoc General Hospital is not only one of leading private health care service providers in Vietnam but a corporation with high awareness of social responsibilities. We always attempt to support the community and follow the social welfare policies that are promoted by the Government.

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